Plant Fairs Roadshow
Plant Fairs Roadshow

            This year buy your plants direct from the grower


Plant Fairs Roadshow will be organising ten memorable events in the South East in 2020




A range of specialist nurseries will be showcasing their plants, flowers and garden products.




Gallery of some of our gorgeous plants from our nurseries, shows and home gardens



              Interesting plants grown by dedicated growers...

                                                     Specialist nurseries are ready to attend our plant fairs in London and the South East in 2019

Blueleaf Plants

Covid-19, Plant Fairs & Nurseries update


The good news is that the plants you would have bought, are not in isolation so please visit the nursery websites and buy direct from them.


We don't need to tell you how important it is to support plant nurseries in these times .


Enjoy gardening, keep planting and stay safe.

Our Plant Fairs have been organised by a small team of enthusiastic growers, dedicated to promoting reliable and unusual plants to keen gardeners. We have brought together a wide range of small nurseries from the area to create a number of memorable gardening events.


This year has been an challenging year but the plant fairs roadshow team and nurseries would like to thank all of you that can to the few events we managed to run this year and make them so enjoyable .We look forward to a full years events in 2021.


Exciting News

Plant fair Roadshow will have new events on site very soon please check again soon.


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